Custom Oak Speaker Stand

Custom Speaker Stands

Our shop is temporarily closed. We hope to reopen later this summer. Please check back for you stand needs then. What makes our custom speaker stands so much better than the competition?

We only use select clear red oak for our custom speaker stands which is free of defects. Yes, this means that some of the lumber we purchase is not able to be used in the construction of our stands but the end product reflects the high standards that we have for the materials that go into each and every one of our stands. We also include ten two inch screws per stand so you can rest assured that your speakers are totally safe and secure resting on our heavy duty stands.

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What makes our stands so strong?

We cut a groove in the front and rear supports in order to lock the components into place. This does require extra work on our part but the end result is a much stronger and stable speaker stand which is able to support very heavy speakers.

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Some recent feedback from our customers.

Great speaker stands, looks great and very sturdy, and easy to assemble. Thanks

Outstanding Seller!!! Excellent Quality and Very Attractive Speaker Stands!!!

These are some really superior stands. Insane quality for the price. Very satisfied.

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